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Get early access to the most promising blockchain initiatives before they launch. Stake $ZYX into TauruX pools to earn new tokens.


"Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world; he who understands it, earns it, he who doesn't pays it."

Zodyx web3 decentralised platform built on BNBChain, allows users to grow their portfolio while gaining early access to promising blockchain projects.Through partnership with top tier launchpads and incubators, Zodyx will allow users to deposit Zodyx ($ZYX) tokens in the featured TauruX staking pool to earn new tokens. This provides communities with opportunities to grow their community and value, as well as real utility and incentives for their members.


Launchpad partnership

Market partnership


Zodyx TauruX will feature cryptocurrency staking pools that enable users to stake (deposit) ZYX tokens to earn new token rewards. Tokens are staked over time, with the APY determining the number of new tokens earned. The TauruX pools incur no impermanent loss, enabling users to stake their tokens while increasing their portfolio's value and supporting innovative new projects.

Zodyx ZYXswap cross-chain will allow users trade tokens instantaneously with fast and cheap transactions parameters using ZYXswap aggregator. Implementing cutting-edge defi tools such as multi-charts, portfolio wallet tracker, rug screen and token bridge for advanced trading experiences.


Fully decentralized permission-less platform

Web3 application built in BNBChain; fast and low cost transactions, direct user communication with smart contracts

Free forever, Zodyx will be open to every user with zero cost

Real utility and community support

Fairly distributed token allocations, supporting the ecosystem economic growth.

High quality projects Access

Cross chain interoperability

Compare ZODYX vs others

Zodyx Launchpool Starlaunch BHero
Platform SaaS/web Yes Yes Yes Yes
Audience Any web3 user Any web3 user Only solana users Any web3 user
Investment risk (insured) Yes No Yes No
Guide or support Yes Yes No Yes
Pricing Free Free Free Free

Zodyx token

The ZODYX token (ZYX) plays a central role in the ecosystem, providing holders with utility and rewards. Token holders can stake their tokens in TauruX pools to yield new tokens while preserving the value of their tokens. The staking functionality and governance membership enable a thriving defi community with true blockchain utility.

Join our decentralized community increasing daily and grow your portfolio earning new tokens!

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